Why Celebrancy?

Throughout human existence and across cultures ceremonies and rituals have been used to celebrate and mark milestones and transitions in our lives. These events serve to strengthen our bonds with our partners, our families of origin or choice, and also our communities and even our beloved planet.

We are firmly connected by our common experiences to both our ancestors and to those who will come after us.

Many of us who are no longer comfortable with the practices or beliefs of either organized religion or consumer culture feel a loss of connection to a larger community and its rituals.

We have an opportunity to create our own rituals to celebrate our joys, successes, life transitions and share our sorrows while building relationships and communities. We can also create private rituals for blessing, closure, or cleansing, to rebuild or start afresh.

 A Celebrant ceremony marks the milestones of your life with respect, individuality, beauty, and joy!  It is my life's work to be of service to you in this way.