As a friend of Thea for many years, I slowly became acutely aware of a growing and spectacular shift in her connections to people, which in turn spilled over into a heightened seeing or sense of her place and purpose in this world. At the same time all this change in perception was taking place in Thea, I was moving in an opposite, slow decline from my core beliefs. A combination of long time stress and a sense of loss coupled with regret, took over.

I am not as open as the average person in the best of circumstances, so though I was the one to contact my friend, it was extremely difficult for me to explain to her what was happening to me at 64 I did finally agree to set up an appointment w/ some urging from my wife Carla Naomi. I was quite aware of all the time, training, necessary to become an officient In that organization and at the time had a vague understanding of what all of it entailed.

Now to the gist of this review, sorry but the explanation is needed in order to show how well Thea handled me and my spiritual apathy. Now, one needs to remember relevant facts, it was hard for me to stray from my fixed center and trust a friend. What changes to our friendship could come to light and might we both have to consider reconcilation and or changes to the dynamics of our fairly closed core group. Before we started she explained clearly and concisely what I could expect, asked me to relax and told me her experiences with this method of spiritual journeying. the next step was to get as comfortable as possible and began using a drum to aid in helping get me to my spiritual mind. The rest of my personal experience is just that, private, but I want to share that after that experience I felt not only safe and at ease, but again hopeful for life in all it's forms to survive, transform and enrich all. A master at her "life's work" and I am better for the experience and hope more will consider this aspect along with the other equally important services she provides. Plus Thea is joyful in finding her true calling and it shows everyday. John E.T., November 5, 2017

"My husband and I contacted Heart’s Myth for our wedding. Thea really made our experience about us. Our ceremony was very personalized and unique. We received so many compliments from our guests; people wanted to know where we found her! She was wonderful to work with and I will definitely like to use her in the future for other life events." Victoria M. on October 8, 2017.

"Thea was so caring and attentive to our desires. She even graciously managed when my spouse and I disagreed -- sitting back and letting us talk and saying a word or two when she could. Thea made the process easy when it could have been difficult. Most importantly, on the actual day, we couldn't have asked for a better delivery of the words that described our relationship so well. It was warm, funny, and heartfelt. Thanks so much Thea for a memorable and beautiful wedding ceremony."   Randi Z. on July 5, 2016

Every story has a beginning, middle and end; and so too, the event known as the Celebration of Life. Thea did a wonderful job of tying all three parts together. She began by having a conference call with the siblings of the deceased; asking probing but not intrusive questions to help prepare for her statement. She did an excellent job of distilling all the information provided into a descriptive commentary of the life of my brother, David M Townes. At the event itself she created a very warm, open, respectful, joyful and celebratory atmosphere which encouraged the celebrants to openly share their thoughts, and more importantly, their feelings. A key to the success of the event was Thea's non-directional attitude. She allowed the event to move freely in its own time and direction, although a thorough script had been developed. Finally, as part of the "ending" Thea memorialized the event in a professional and tasteful booklet "with a bow" metaphorically wrapping up the entire experience; beginning, middle and end. She shared this booklet with the members of the family. I would recommend her highly to anyone interested in this type of ceremony.

Michael T. on July 7, 2016

"Two years ago my husband and I passed through a particularly difficult period in our lives. This awful year ended in our providing transitional care for a relative who had just been released from a psychiatric hospitalization. Even after our relative was able to return to her own home my husband and I felt tired and oppressed. We discussed our situation with Thea and she performed a house clearing and blessing. After the ceremony, my husband and I felt uplifted and our home was cheerful and peaceful once again. We highly recommend Thea. She was sensitive to our needs and able to create and perform a ritual that provided us with both closure and renewal."

Carla E. on October 6, 2016

 Thea did an outstanding job of creating a memorial tribute for my mother.  Once we met with her to answer questions and share stories, Thea set aside the entire next day and a half to craft a story that really captured the spirit and story of my mother--working late into the night and starting early in the morning.  Several people who attended the service said that they learned things about my mother that they never knew. Thea's commitment to creating a deeply informed and well-written story went way beyond our expectations.  She delivered the story with a calm presence that was so appropriate and beautiful. We were very impressed by Thea's work from start to finish.  We can't thank her enough for her high quality work, producing a memorial service that my mother would have loved.  Keith M. on October 17, 2018